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Friday, April 04, 2008


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Well, it is a remarkable dream. L et's get that out of the way first.

Now: How do you respond to the notion that our purpose is to create our own experience of things? To define ourselves by the meanings we assign to the things/ideas/events we encounter?


Well, I've never been one to try to stand in the way of someone else's dreams, but I do have to question "Sloop's" interpretation, for just a few reasons:

1) I may have missed something in your narrative here, but I believe the fellow said his name was Roman LEE 5:5. It seems you may have, um, forgotten the "Lee" part. And my Appalachian isn't as sharp as it used to be, but I don't remember "Lee" translating into "look this up in the Bible." So, what happened to the Lee?

2) I decided to follow Sloop's methodology (Googling whilst drinking coffee), and found a Mssr. Roman Lee via MySpace. (http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.Channel&ChannelID=31526843). And here's the thing that will freak everyone out: he's into Pearl Jam, just like Sloop. So the "Lee" is obviously crucial. And "Pearl Jam," if you simply rearrange and change the letters, will spell out "Emily Dickinson" -- whom we all know wrote the verse: "Hope is the thing with feathers." So, I think I've proven my point here (no need for an apology, Sloop).

3) But what else can be made of this "Lee"? (Which I think we all now agree is, in fact, the key to Sloop's dream.) There's a chance that Sloop misheard the message, or that the lp of his mind skipped a beat. What if the person actually said, "Roman Polanski," but it just sounded like "Lee"? Then we'd have to shift our focus to the mysterious "5:5" that followed. This is an obvious reference, of course, to "fifty-five," which was Polanski's nickname for the famed director and brawler John Huston (it had something to do with tires, if memory serves). From here the rest basically fills itself in. John Huston famously was a yoga devotee, so I think the symbolism is obvious, and I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the presence of the yoga teacher in the dream.

4) With our firmer knowledge of the significance of the dream beneath or feet, let's walk a little further down the path. Mr. LEEEEEEEEE asked that you "find your hope," not that you find "Romans 5:5." Now, finding one's hope certainly is a lifelong quest, even in the age of Googles and blogs. But what if Sloop's hearing failed him once again (have you been keeping up with your medical visits, Sloop?). It's not too hard to imagine that our man Roman said, "Find Europe." Obviously, this refers to the band Europe, and most specifically their well-known song, "The Final Countdown." Counting down, of course, is a vital part of any yoga routine, and helps us to "concentrate on our breathing." Now that all the circles have been drawn to a close, I think we can all, indeed, breathe a little easier.

Now, I know Sloop will come back and say, "It was my dream; I already know what it means." But if that is true, then why did your dream provide you with "Lee" while your consciousness decided it wasn't relevant? Moreover, can we really trust the interpretations of a man who claims religion and spiritualism, but apparently doesn't keep a print copy of the Bible in his house? I'm not saying -- I'm just saying. Right?


I've been laughing at Spibby's response so hard that it made UNC's loss an afterthought. Kudos. I give. I clearly misheard my own dream. I've gone to Amazon and order an old Europe CD and Asia's Greatest Hits, just in case I missed the continent all together.


Well, you could always examine the literal definition of lee - shelter or the protecting side offering shelter.
Shelter in hope. If my subconscious were delivering messages, that's not a bad one to get.
:shrug: Your mileage may vary.

I'm having a lot of obvious stress dreams - kidnapping, having to fill out simple forms but being unable to write clearly etc. I'd enjoy a mysterious dream or two.


Alternate explanation: The guy didn't say "Roman Lee 5:5." He said "re: Manly? Fifty-five."

i.e.: You'll be manly in 10 years. So there's something to look forward to.


Great. Now I'll probably wake up with Ezekiel 16:23 burning in my brain.


He was trying to tell you to go out and buy some new jeans, man. Lee jeans, or Levi's 505's.



- M

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