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Thursday, April 10, 2008


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Don D. Lewis

I agree the Firefox is indeed the browser of choice. I however use a Firefox clone called Flock (www.flock.com). What I like about it is the ability to have your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Gmail and other automated feeds available as a sidebar. Using Flock allows me to browse the web while not missing real-time updates from the above social media sites.

Flock does not have all the "plug-ins" that are available under Firefox, but I'm not a big extensions user anyway. Because the underlying code is essentially Firefox, I've not seen the need to upgrade to the latest Firefox release.

Flock has traditionally been more stable than Firefox, but I've not tried the new Firefox 3.0 version. Like the say, "your mileage may vary".


Off the top of my head:
* Gimp
* Pidgin
* Avast
* Abiword
* NetNewsWire

* Reddit
* MetaFilter

* It's All Text
* Scribe Fire
* Adblock+



Hmm "Portable Apps" seems to include a couple I listed, but worth noting them individually i think.


Yep, GIMP is definitely going on the list, probably alongside that new online Photoshop site. And Flock (which I tried and dumped) has made a lot more sense to me now that you've shown me how you use it, Don.

Gotta check out some of those items. Never heard of 'em.


One more I use all the time:

Reg Cheramy

Thanks for the mention!

We're happy you're enjoying Zigtag!

Readers - mention this article and I'll fast track the first 5 people signing up for the beta.


Vizu thanks you for your support!

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Thanks again, Dan!

CoMeDy KiNg


Use webcam @ www.SillyWebcam.com :D

Upload digital photos @ www.FotoTrix.com :)

Use custom text messages @ www.TXT2PIC.com ;)

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