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Friday, May 16, 2008


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Ralph Kramden

I hold no brief for right-wing squawkers or for Matthews, but note that Matthews sandbagged James. Matthews was the one who brought up Neville Chamberlain, then steered the "discussion" onto that point. It seems like he had this point researched and "in his pocket" just to ambush someone who strayed close to the rhetorical territory.

Of course, James plays the part of the stereotypical know-nothing radio screech-owl like he was sent from central casting.


Yes, the guy has no idea what Neville Chamberlain did (neither did I). But Chamberlain isn't the limits of his illiteracy. We may infer that he has no idea what "appeasement" even means - perhaps something about speaking from weakness? This, despite braying it mantra-like almost as much as he says Barack Obama.

Why are you screaming, James?

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