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Sunday, June 22, 2008


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Just so you know, I'm sharing the with everyone on Twitter and Friendfeed.

Most Excellent!!

Jeffraham Prestonian

Write to [email protected] today. Here's my letter:

Mr. Burton,

It deeply disturbs me that Barack Obama has voiced tentative support
of HR 6304, the so-called "FISA compromise." I need Senator Obama to
explain exactly why FISA, alone, is no longer sufficient to gather
vital intelligence prior to his vote next week in the Senate on this

I hope the Senator will hold to his word, and filibuster ANY such bill
that includes retroactive amnesty for acts by telecommunications firms
that they should have been well aware were illegal, and violative of
Americans' civil rights. The point is not to prosecute these
companies, but to leverage future cooperation from them in discovering
what exactly the Bush administration asked them to do without any
oversight from the judiciary or the Congress. Giving blanket immunity
could bury these facts from the American people for good, and that
would be completely unacceptable.

I sent Chris Dodd $25 the last time he held the line on this
dispicable legislation. I vow now that all my future donations for
this campaign depend on Senator Obama's actions this coming week.

Thank you, (signed)

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