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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


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I need to preface this by declaring I am in no way anti- pedestrian, walker, runner, bicycler, unicycler, rollerblader, etc.

My request, as a driver, is for that those who choose other methods of transportation .. please pay attention and obey the laws set up for you. In return, I promise to watch out for you, drive safely, and give you the right of way.

This does not mean I will happily squeal to a halt when you step/run out into the road where there is no crosswalk. Nor should I have to stop at a green light when I have the right of way because you are too impatient to wait for the light to give you the right of way (obviously, I'm impatient too :))

Also, I would like to second the dog comment but from a pedestrian perspective. If you have your dog on a retractable leash, please rein your pup in before I get near. Big dogs, even those I've known for years freak me out. Your precious bundle of fur is adorable to you but looks like a rabid grizzly with the munchies to me. If the leash is too long, I have no idea where your doggie is headed next and could easily trip or fall - same with those on bikes if you're sharing the same pathway.

Excellent list!


I have to take exception to the bike rules. When I have a sidewalk to ride on, I use it. Granted, the sidewalks around here are not very traveled, and when I encounter a pedestrian I move to the road when possible or else take it upon myself to get around them (with warning). Roads are dangerous places for bicycles when there aren't bike lanes or paved shoulders.

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