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Thursday, June 26, 2008


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Nice review. I may check him out.

On authenticity (or sincerity) and concerts: I have always been bothered by the way encores are never really about the crowd's enthusiasm. If it's the headliner, you know they'll do one. If they don't turn on the lights after the first encore, you know they'll do another. When the lights come on (which certainly seems predetermined) you know it's time to go home.

I've always had this idea to pass out a flier to everyone at a small-venue concert asking them to refuse to leave, and keep cheering, when the lights came on. Then, at least, it would feel like the audience actually had something to do with the encore.

On the flip side, I once attended a small Atlanta show by an up-and-coming Athens, Ga band (The Whigs). After the show, the lights stayed off, but no one really felt like cheering. We just sat there for like 15 minutes. Finally they turned on the lights and people drifted out.

I prefer that to the purely planned version.

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