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Monday, July 14, 2008


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One day I'll show you my "New Yorker" print called "The Charlestonian (circa 1980) that captures the essence of this post............


Genius. "Corridor of tackiness", lol.


Sweet mother of God. That's the funniest thing I've seen in awhile. As a transplanted Yankee, it's even funnier.


This is just hilarious. And so...true.


I just looked at it again, realizing that I hadn't noticed Pedro - and there it was. I've been driving so much on I-95 over the past year, that Pedro indeed says that I am home...now how odd is that.

Joyce Sasser

Love it! Being from the "Off" part and loving the "in" part from afar to come and visit, the whole thing makes wonderful sense.... This is really neat, Dan! By the way, it truly IS good to have you back! What a difference a Dan makes! Xark missed you..... M

Jean McGreggor

Too funny,and dead on.

Clay Pit Crew

As a proud "off'er" living in Aiken, we applaud the true map of South Carolina. However, we have more than Steeplechase Parties and Nuclear Waste in Aiken. We also have Hilton Head imports, Florida half-backs, and greenhorn Yankee imports. Soon you can list us as Yankeeland South.

How do you find Aiken when traveling from Charleston?

Go north till you smell it (horse poop) and west till you step in it!

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