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Saturday, August 30, 2008


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Joyce Sasser

Thanks, Dan....just what i needed to hear....your take on this dramatic jump into the unknown.... I think you are correct, but it will be an interesting and exciting run along the way here anyway....historic no matter what comes down the pike.... What I want to know with Palin is how the husband of Palin, who has called himself "1st Dude" as husband of the Alaskan Gov., will describe how he will be a commercial fisherman in DC ... they cannot take care of 5 kids and be a family without being in DC if they were to win, and can't we all just imagine this poor guy trying to find a way to make a living or feel he has significant employment or work within the life he would have there.....
That one is difficult....we have all imagined what a spouse would do in DC for both president and vice president but most of the time we considered that as the female....OR as an ex-president! All of those are relatively easy to do....this one is a lot different......want to watch this one and see just how creative they can be...not that it will matter since they will NOT win the election, but it is an interesting exercise for ALL of us.....
Thanks, Dan....Mom


Great write-up, thanks ♥


The Vice President earns more than $198,000 a year, and doesn't have to pay for housing or transportation or health care (they might have to pay SOMETHING for health care, but let's at least conclude that the bennies are EXCELLENT).

If the Palins can't make it on $198,000 a year (Sarah makes $81,000 as governor... do we really think her husband is knocking down $117k PLUS the cost of the family's housing and transport?), then that's really quite a statement. Anyway, as "Second Dude," Palin's husband's job would be to keep a low profile and shut up, as the press would only pay attention to him as a novelty or a "Northern Exposure" buffoon.

Quick quiz: Name three things Lynne Cheney has done (other than write novels with scenes of hot, explicit, lesbian sex in them).


Politico notes that last year Alaska's governor had a salary of $125K, and Mr. Palin made $93K in fishing and oil production.

By the way, did one of those hot lesbian scenes involve the First Lady and the VP?


My bad. I did my reporting by looking at the Alaska State Statutes.


I don't doubt that they're probably outdated.


Good job, Daniel-

Let's not forget that there are a lot of people out there who will feel as I do about this pick.

When The media finally hit Google and explained what credentials she had, I was PISSED.

How dare this 72-year old, 4 time cancer survivor DARE to invite this woman to be one heartbeat away from the presidency? It is irresponsible and crass. I don't think I've ever seen such a cynical move in politics.

And as a woman I am insulted at his obvious view of my intellect. That smirk he had on his face. God, if he really needed that badly to get back to his nap, why didn't he just do us all a favor and pack it in, so we can get back to the business of pulling this country back from the abyss?

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