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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


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Wow. I am blown away. Sheeesh. You have become so much the human side of the P & C in my mind. I've enjoyed watching for your name on it's pages. Thanks so much for all you've done for us Dan. I'll miss you being part of the paper and hope for only good things for you.

Pat Conover

Caption: Private insurance gets off to a slow start.

Comment: Rock on.


Does this mean no more Friday 5? The one part (well ok, apart from Bryce's column) of the paper that i used to make an effort to read!


Nobody is saying what happens next. I'm gonna try to get my sections filed through Sept. 5. After that, it's up to the Brain Trust.

Joyce Sasser

Aug. 22 will be listed in history! LOTS of folks will miss you. NICE, however, to have a time frame to work with and make the most of.
You have done a great job...be proud of it and enjoy the next phase of life with the gusto that makes you YOU!!! Go for it, Daniel!


Thanks mom.


Dan, I echo the other kudos you've received and add my humble thanks for your role as my blog mentor - even though I'm seriously older than you!

Best wishes to a taklented couple. Please stay in touch.


On to more exciting things - right? I've missed your days doing science - you did real pieces that had depth, and they were good - really good. I'll look forward to hearing about what you do next.

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