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Thursday, August 07, 2008


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It was a sucker punch, but I loved it anyhow.
Hulu, however is changing our habits. For the first time in five years (since we cancelled cable) we're able to watch popular shows, some in high def. Tim and I are in love with the site.


Re: the sucker punch, my friend Meg made some relevant icons like: http://wakefromyourself.com/icons/drh_icons/actiii20.png

But, maybe its just cuz I watched too much Buffy, Firefly, etc, but it seemed fairly obvious to me that Penny was going to die. There was absolutely no way that the "bad guy" (Dr. Horrible) was going to win the girl at the end. Nor was there any way that Captain Hammer could possibly have ended up with her. So? She either had to die or just go her own way and the latter was way too anticlimactic (sp?). Buffy had much of the same win-but-not-really stuff happen time after time.

You're right, of course, this couldn't be made in any other medium. Not standalone like this on television or the movie theater for reasons of length and audience expectations. However, I disagree that this is the first time we've seen this, particularly from Joss Whedon. This is what he DOES. It's why Buffy was fucking brilliant. Why his portraits of U.S. (female in particular) adolescence were, as far as I'm concerned, unparalleled in any other moving-picture, small or large screen (in Buffy). It's not even my favorite show, but I cannot deny that, as you said, "It wakes us up. Without giving us any message to think about, it makes us think."

Hmm. Didn't think that was going to be such an intense comment.

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