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Thursday, September 18, 2008


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Jeff Tompkins

Very interesting story. Thanks for highlighting it; I had no idea that was going on. (Sad to say.) I found your blog through Lowcountry bloggers, by the way, and I'll definitely be back!


Great story! Thank you. I'm in Henry Brown's district. He sends out detailed surveys (and yearly calendars!) to his constituents. I filled them out. I wrote him e-mails. He sent me e-mails and letters telling my why my opinions were wrong. Somewhere after the second round of letters, I was dropped from the mailing list. I guess he just wants to hear from people who agree with him.


Why is this idiot still in office? Have the people in this district been sleeping for eight years? If I wasn't with Ketner before, I am now.


Boy, talk about needing change! We've gotta get Brown out of there.


This is hilarious-

Janet pretending that you two don't know each other, and you're bringing up important information that she'll need to perform her vital civic duty come November.

Of course she's in Henry Brown's district, just like you are. She's your wife, and writes occasionally on this blog. But I guess it just sounds better if it seems that she doesn't know you, huh?

Henry Brown might be bad, but he doesn't hide from what he is. How many Ketner's ads from the TV mention that she's a democrat? How many mention that other quality of hers? You know, the one that doesn't necessarily disqualify her from office, but might be important to some of the people she's trying to convince to vote for her. Because I bet there's a LOT of people who don't know that, and don't know what she's planning on "fighting for" when she gets to Washington, if she does get to Washington.

Sounds like it's time for an IMPORTANT ACTION ALERT! lolz



That's not my wife. And I don't live in Brown's district.

And you make my skin crawl.


Chip - Sorry for the confusion. There are two Janets in the lowcountry blogosphere. That is why I attach my middle name, to help keep the confusion to a minimum.


Wait. Dan is a bigamist?!

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