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Thursday, September 25, 2008


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Speaking of Veeps-in-waiting: As awful as these Palin interviews were -- and they were hideous -- at least Palin's incoherent pablum was factually neutered.

Joe Biden's rant about FDR going on TV to talk straight to America about the Stock Market managed to make Palin look like an East Coast intellectual. Jeez.

What's the over-under on debate gaffes for these two geniuses?



one has no clue what's going on outside Alaska, and the other seems to be living in an alternate reality.

or maybe they both are?

perhaps Obama should make Biden read up on some history, and McCain should probably have Palin read the news.

thing is, she might not understand it unless it has to do with hunting and hockey.

well theres my attempt to be funny on your site, there, Danny.
I hope to add more 'zazz' to your 'intellectual' liberal 'book-readin' crap here!


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