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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


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Xark.....quit drinking the kool-aid. The trusty shibboleths about Florida and Ohio have been investigated by the major press organs and found to be NOT TRUE. We won't talk about Michigan, Washington, and a few other states where ACORN et al did some marvelously fraudulent work. "That one" is probably going to squeeze it out in November, but if he doesn't, give the process its due and accept that more votes were freely given to the old guy. What with you guys and stealing elections....you'd think you were sensitive or something (like, say, JFK in Chicago in '60).


No doubt: JFK's father fraudulently and criminally stole Chicago with the help of Mayor Daley in 1960, and in doing so robbed Richard Nixon of the presidency. Ironically, things sure would have turned out better for JFK had this not taken place, and sometimes I think things might have turned out better for all of us if the will of the people had not been thwarted in 1960 by the Democratic Party.

And you'll forgive me if I lack faith in those "major press organs" (boy, does that sound like a euphemism or what?). I think Ohio was theft, and the exit polling suggests I'm right.

If the pre-vote polling and the exit polling and the results all add up to the same picture, Democrats will accept whatever comes. If the results are anomalous again, no amount of official institutional reassurance will satisfy me. That's a future I don't want to ponder.


Uh, let's ask Al Gore about what happens to the guy who gets more votes. Not to mention that other "x" factor, the Supreme Court.


Don't mean to pick on you, Ag, because this comes from reading obsessively for says now. But honestly if i see the phrase "drinking the kool-aid" one more time, in any permutation, by either side, i'm going to save my employer a lot of trouble by just having my head explode.

for gawd sake, can we just express our views without behaving as if everyone who disagrees with us is a non-thinking, uncritical moron?

we all benefit from the lively exchange of ideas because hey, we might not be 100% right on everything.

Well, you guys, anyway. I'm infallible.


The above typo does not change my unerring rightness.


Agricola, at first I thought you were being ironic, making a joke, but now that I understand you're posting in seriousness, I have to say I hope you will do a little more reading. For example, the Ohio (a state I bid a not-so-fond farewell to) mess has been documented.


I swear I will never use kool aid metaphor again. Could the group allow me to use, say, "Xark, have you been hitting the pipe again?", or "Xark, did you stay up all night?"

Peg, documented by whom, or put another way, have charges been filed? I swanny (no offense intended), have we all given up on objective facts, or are we all now believing that b/c someone makes a claim, it is therefore true. PoMo run amok!

Janet: Having read your recent posts, I bow before your infallibility. I hope never to be in the sights of your rhetorical arrows....


Well, Peg, if you are still reading, I did find some documentation and charges filed:


Check it out..........


@Agricola, To name one, the congressional report (Jan. '05), result of 5-week investigation, Preserving Democracy: What Went Wrong in Ohio.


Here's the annoying part: I've really been MEANING to start hitting the pipe again, thinking, you know, "THAT would be fun now that I'm unemployed for the first time in, like, my ENTIRE ADULT LIFE..." and I can just never FIND THE TIME to do it.

Note to self: Pencil in some unstructured pipe time. Slacker.


yes, "hitting the pipe again" or "shooting up again" or any references to crack would be acceptable.

Since I typed that mini-rant I've seen "kool-aid" in THREE more pieces. So, I guess my head won't really explode, just hurt a lot.

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