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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


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Bran Mydwynter

I somehow missed hearing about it until a few hours before, when a few of the lowcountry bloggers started tweeting about who was going. I'm kinda cranky about it; as someone who is trying to build an art/dance career here, it sounds like an event I really should have attended.
Ah, well. I'm on the contact list for the next one. And I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with.


I really wanted to go, but the stars did not align and the childcare fairy was apparently busy with another family.

I too am excited by what feels like an undercurrent in the region. I am wondering if we will remain a series of random eddies and whorls or if we'll find a way to come together.


I've been around long enough and close enough to have dipped my toe in several of those random whorls, and my gut feeling is that the cynicism comes from the sense that there's not enough success available to go around. Makes people competitive rather than inclusive.

IMHO, Charleston will be more successful once people feel confident enough to open up and cooperate with a sense of mutual advantage. That seemed to be more in the spirit of last night, and that's very encouraging.


(Where were the females?)It's good to see PK has made its way there.


Dan and others...thanks for the great perspective and comments. I was part of the group that helped organize the event, and we need your collective input and support to keep moving upward and onward. I too left with an altered identity...after seeing the connections being made and talent in this town. I've heard the same thing from last night's presenters.

Peg...agreed on your comment about the need for more female speakers. We were honored to have Whitney share her ideas and work, and we had several other female presenters on our wish list. It just turned out that schedule conflicts prevented them from joining the line up. But....it's looking like the next PKN session will skew the other way (more female). Our real goal is just to keep things as diverse as possible.

Again, thanks to all.

Ken Hawkins

Smart insight. Linked to on our story page.

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