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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


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Thank you Dan.
Hey, I'm wondering something, perhaps you or one of your readers could answer - what is this page saying?
(are Op-Eds typically for sale? or are they talking about advertising, clearly marked as such, on the Op-Ed page?)


Also, a clarification re this -

"Associated Press stories that skip covering the action at global climate conferences in favor of..."

In fairness to the writers, these "footprint" stories were written before the talks began, i.e. before was much in the way of conference action to cover. Yes there were other, better angles the stories could have taken (to name one: "is the conference's carbon footprint something we should care about, and why?"), but "what's gone on in the talks so far" wasn't one of them.


"...these "footprint" stories were written before the talks began" ...although now that I say that, I don't know for sure about Robin McDowell's Bali one; it appeared Dec 4, and the good ship Wikipedia says the conference started Dec 3. Pity I can't ask her, and get it straight.

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