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Sunday, December 07, 2008


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I'm sort of into Saul Williams right now.


Avett Brothers--Emotionalism or Second Gleam
Josh Ritter--The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter


I am hesitant to make these suggestions. These are bands that have been around a while (as in 15 or 20 years), but I just discovered them in the last two or three years. I'm scared you'll say "those are the bands I'm sick of", thus demonstrating that you are vastly more cool than I.

A couple of years ago, Poi Dog Pondering was in town, and my friend Walt told me I should see them. He was absolutely right. There cannot be a group of people that show more pure joy on stage. And it's infectious.

I haven't heard all their recordings, but you can't go wrong with their first album (self-titled), Pomegranate, or last year's 7.

Then there is Guided By Voices. I found them on Austin City Limits. I was completely blown away, somewhat stunned I had never heard of them. It turned out that show was their last as GBV.

Robert Pollard, the driving force behind GBV, is a prolific writer who seems unafraid to record every song he writes, regardless of quality. That makes their studio albums a bit hit-or-miss. I suggest you start with their greatest hits album, Human Amusements at Hourly Rates. For a taste, check out the video of the quintessential GBV song I Am a Scientist.

Finally, there's another band I discovered on Austin City Limits, Ozomatli. I don't feel as strongly about them as Poi Dog or GBV, but they're worth listening to. They play a blend of latin, rock, hip hop, funk: if it's a genre you might hear in LA, Ozomatli's hometown, you'll probably hear it in their music. Play it at your next party.


The one thing in life you can count on? I'm not cooler than you are.

david windham



It's hardly the Hatfields & McCoys, but I'm partial to Pandora over last.fm. Buy American! ;-)

Also, can't say I have a favorite album figured out yet but Joe Pug wrote and sang my favorite song of the year: http://www.3hive.com/2008/05/joe_pug.php

Brian B

Meant to send this recommendation sooner: the Waybacks.


Not every bluegrass band gets the crazy idea to cover Led Zeppelin II all the way through, then goes ahead and does it.


You can also check out the various MP3 blogs out there (some bookmarks: http://delicious.com/exposur3/mp3blog) including http://elbo.ws which aggregates them all to include hot tracks, hot artists, etc.

Grab the playtagger bookmarklet (http://delicious.com/help/playtagger) which will add a nifty little inline player next to the MP3 samples on the blogs...

Jean Mcgreggor

Have you tried buddying up to a DJ or two? They have access to lots more music then they can actually put on the air.


And then, here's Fred Wilson's list (not a response to my appeal, but interesting nonetheless)



It's been awhile since I wandered this way (for too many reasons... but suffice it to say when I do read blogs... you are still at the top)... but I couldn't resist putting up a link to some suggestions.
First, although I think a release like "In Rainbows" doesn't come along every year, you can see my Top 10 list for 2008 here.
Also, you can find our weekly podcast here. You'll find plenty of suggestions for new material on our playlists.

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