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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


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Mattheus Mei



I feel as if you just slapped me.....

Connection Maven

Funny but a bit dated...Now over at St. P's & M's they are a bit more like the Pentecostals than you would think.

There are a number of prize winning poets now in charge over at the SC Poetry Society. They have turned over a new metaphor shall we say.

SOB (South of Broad) has now become the playground of the idle rich from 'off' as most of our locals can barely afford the taxes and upkeep of ancestral homes.

As for that affectation for the simple idea that "old times here are not forgotten" back in the 1980s I had a SOBer ask at a lecture I was giving, "When are we going to hear about the history of whites?" That was a strange moment as I replied, "Whose history do you think we've been hearing about all these years?"

I cherish the eccentricity because it is something like a secret code, such as how NYC cherishes it's celebrity artists and designers. Eccentricity is caused by high humidity and inbreeding-don't y'all think? Before the passing of Mr. C---k S--s, I looked forward to the days when I saw him shambling in the Teeter. The mythic story of his rejection in love and subsequent tumble into numb apathy held me in its grasp.

Regarding the homosexuals in the closet, more are out now...and I speak as the former wife of one who is now out.

All in all, a fun romp through some long held ideas that are breaking up just like the ice in the Artic.


Wonderful! I believe you meant "totality" in the last paragraph, though. Perhaps you omitted a word after "totally," I'm not quite sure. Feel free to delete this comment if/when you fix the error.

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