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Thursday, February 26, 2009


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Oh. My. Gawd. Fantastic!

Joyce Sasser

Overwhelming....exciting....and scary..... My grandmother would not believe or understand the "progress" of the world since her hand operated washing machine in the car port she kept using since she was afraid to operate the mechanical one in her house when she moved in late in life..... that is like ME not understanding all the Facebook, Twitter, Ipod, ETC. which I simply see but don't have the slightest true idea about....Glad this generation is getting ready to handle this...it is NOT an easy thing to comprehend... go, world, but HANG ON!!!!


Here's the answer to the final question on the video: You need to get your ass in gear.



Not necessarily. It might just mean that no one will know anything for very long; maybe knowledge will be broad, but not deep. If we we all had our asses in gear for An Exponential World Of Ever-Faster Data Processing, Pierre Boulez would be topping the charts (instead of the "post-modern" four-chord rock'n'roll of the sort backing the video).

I could as easily predict that people will all go crazy responding to the demand to Keep Up and begin themselves to demand a stop to it. After all, people elsewhere in the world are just as human as we are, and there's no intrinsic reason to believe their asses are any more in gear than ours. So there are more people in China and India than there are in the U.S. Well, there are more people in the U.S. than there are in the U.K. Is that somehow a threat to the U.K.?

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