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Saturday, April 04, 2009


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Jason Hardin

That's an awesome take. I liked Cutler going back to his Vandy days, but was kind of unsure about where to put the blame in this case. But when you frame it this way, I'm sold.

Either way, I think the Bears got the better of the deal. The only mistake they made was not doing something like this five years ago ...


This whole thing was just a gift from the football gods for Bears fans. The chain of events is just too improbable to be repeated.


Cant stand this little baby. I will cut him.

My NFL Forums

Cutler should take the Bears to the Super Bowl.


Who got the better deal? Cutler is a whiny bitch.


Josh McDaniels was fired today. He lost his job because of all the reasons I laid out in this post in April 2009. He was a remarkable, epic failure.

Character is destiny.

Meanwhile, Jay Cutler has turned into a gutsy, winning QB in Chicago.

Just sayin'.

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