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Monday, May 18, 2009


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We have another form of writing that's both consistent with our industry a/w/a kinda cool if you like glass.

That's a big marble table with a solid glass (tempered) top with liquid chalk pens easily available at Amazon or Staples. It's how we run through Web designs AND network architecture. Funny thing - you get used to the medium: we've written on at least one restaurant tabletop (a few strokes) and spent most of the meal trying to wash it off :)


And my point was: it's not only about how info is constructed - which leads us to - it's also about how it's displayed. The Web is highly visual (as are almost all of our clients).


True, true, true.


Did first Sue's comment have a picture? I thought I saw it when I checked on iPhone, but do not see it in Firefox (blocked image?).


Yep, Bora, it did. And for some reason I've been unable to write tags into comments this week. I checked my settings and they looked good for HTML, so I'm not sure what's happened. Sounds like I need to put in a ticket.


As is the case with design, simplicity is king. Design your writing the same way a designer would create a tool.

Look at the iPhone. Look at Google. Both are successful because of their simplicity. Your writing can function the same way.

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