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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


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Excellent point, Sloopster, and one that many of us wondered about. Additionally, I've never understood the complete willingness of newspaper reporters to take one source and go with it. We were taught in school to avoid it whenever possible.

Old-school journalists know that people are misidentified in photo archives; quotes are mangled in old clips and corroborating research is what we're allegedly paid to do.

You know, us professionals.


Professor Andy Cline of Rhetorica is another academic who got the point. So that makes two of you.

Pretty good company.

(For some reason I don't understand, Typepad isn't accepting the links I wrote into this comment... here's Cline's relevant post URL:




Thanks for the link, Dan. I think I came off as sounding a bit too "everyone gets this but me," and I didn't mean to. Of course, others do get it, but the general response was one of "blame wikipedia" (again).

By the way: I bet this was this first post written on a flight to Tokyo, edited on the train ride in and then posted at the hotel. Love love love the world.


Well, my first response (which I may have tweeted) was in line of: well, who is stealing from whom now (and without attribution) and who is to be trusted: traditional journos or "bloggers", eh?


Oh, I forgot - I actually blogged it, snarkily: http://scienceblogs.com/clock/2009/05/laziness_in_reporting_-_whats.php

Lark Birdsong

Another thought along these same lines with a link back to your blog.

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