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Monday, May 25, 2009


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Jeff Tompkins

You think he got enough versions of "left wing" in there? Good grief. He forgot "socialist," "commie," "fascist," "Democrat (instead of Democratic) Party," "pinko," and all the other meaningless and sometimes contradictory buzzwords.

I'm also not clear on another of his charges. When I was in kindergarten, I had no fantasies of closing Gitmo.

And why did postman01 take the time to write all of that only to end with a plea to ignore left-wingers? Hmmm.


Reading the P&C comment section is like watching a drunk who has pissed himself trying to pick up a girl.

Painfully embarrassing.


I don't think this is uncommon. Unfortunately I think the human race may have actually devolved (oops that would require believing in evolution), with the advent of comments on news sites.

I once picked a selection from the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press sites:

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