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Thursday, May 21, 2009


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Jason Hardin

I agree with most of this but I'd have to go with the Vikings. Much like the Bears, they've been a decent QB away from being a very dangerous team the last few years.

They signed Rosenfels, but I'm not convinced he's any better than Gus Frerotte was last year. And Vick is a better runner and passer than Tarvaris Jackson.

Yeah, they might be gunshy after the Party Boat, but a legitimate shot at a Super Bowl (somthing only Vick among those QBs can give them) can cure a lot of shyness.


Agreed. Basically, I've taken Vick away from the Vikings because I think they're going to pursue Favre and that, when push comes to shove, Favre will sign with them.

I agree that they would get over the Party Boat a lot easier if they didn't think that Favre was available. It's a very strange dance.

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Let the guy play. He did his time.

My NFL Forums

Let Mike Vick play! He did his time. Now let the man play...

My NFL Forums

The NFL will be better with Vick playing.


So I was wrong in thinking this would have been resolved in mid-July. Mid-August?

Rich Mag

Should be real interesting to see how Andy R. handles him. This next pre-season game should be interesting.


However Andy R. handles him, I sure was wrong when I wrote that "no way Vick wants to land there" (in Philly). Apparently, he was ready to land anywhere.

Although prison may be a cakewalk compared to life in Philly if he doesn't play great right away.

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