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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


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John Robinson

Agree with much here, but I gotta tell you as someone who was involved, Death by Journalism? is not the best example you can use here to make your point.


Duly noted. It did provoke some serious discussion about the nature of journalism around the xark estate.


I can't help but think that in the majority of work places (and for a very long time), many individuals have been promoted and mentored not based on their potential or skill - but because of internal politics, biases, etc. After years of this we have been left with institutions with the less creative/talented at the top (I fully understand that this is a generalization and is not always the case) and talented individuals in the lower ranks who are being creatively stifled and not supported. I can't help but think much of the economic downturn and corporate f*ck ups is due to this - and the way business have worked are now paying the price. The best people aren't in charge. Just a developing theory...

Do I sound bitter? :)


I like to tell people that I'm not bitter, I'm experienced.

What inspires me today is that we're in the midst of a revolution in possibility. It's not just tech and economics that are in flux -- it's our assumptions about "how things are." The people who make things ugly and profit from that ugliness depend on the rest of us believing that their "system of the world" is unavoidable.

We have to begin by believing that better things are possible.

And then we go make them happen.

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