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Monday, June 29, 2009


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Tin (Geoff'd Mum)

Hi Dan, Thanks for all your kind words and comments. We are all shocked by what has happened to Geoff, (but not surprised, we have crime here in the UK too), but we are truly amazed by the on-line support you in the USA and everyone worldwide have given Geoff. Who says the Internet is impersonal! Let's hope he has learned his lesson, and can get back on the road and continue to entertain and educate us all in the weeks to come.


I have to say I think it's true Geoff shoulda put the stuff inside, but making the leap from that to people (like one Greensboro commenter) saying that he is to blame is outrageous.

The only fault and blame in this lies squarely on the head of the thief. Items left in a car do not entitle someone to smash a window and help himself. Leaving a door unlocked does not excuse a robber, wearing a tight dress does not excuse a rapist. Victims of crime DO NOT DESERVE IT.

Damn, that really bothers me.




But.. i also think i'm a dumbass! :-)

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