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Thursday, August 27, 2009


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Michael Turro

Wow, looks like you hooked one of the intellectual ones.


That's fine. He can't use any publicly funded roads or fire protection services anymore. I mean, he's a man of principle, right?
I do wonder how serious these guys are sometimes, though...


You forgot Polio and all those other infectious diseases we get shots for.


Excellent point Jamie, because my reaction to the first one was a burst of laughter. I thought I'd found a satirist who was playing with the absurd.

Then I looked around at his profile. Hooo boy.

If you've never been to #tcot, it's a strange, strange place.


The stupid, it burns!

Also, to turn the question around, can he or anyone else name any problem at all that has been completely eradicated by conservatism or the lack of government?

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