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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


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Chuck Boyd

Congratulations on feeling better. That's a nice achievement.

Go at a comfortable pace and enjoy the view.


The Joy of Underachieving == Ode to Aging

Pat Conover

Way to go Daniel.
We've got a similar strategy except that mine is reinforced by my cardiologist who has me on a strict pulse rate. I was unhappy when he cut back the rae from 140 to 130 and then to 125. But he was right. So now I'm pleased with how I feel even though my goals are limited. Four years ago I ran a 12 minute mile. Now I'm pleased that I can run 2 miles in 27 minutes.

In my processes of running and lifting I've recovered strongly from right knee cartilage damage, pulled quads, some version of a hip pointer, arthritic thumbs, foot problems including a bone spur, a permanently dislocated collar bone, and more. Currently I'm having to restrict some of my lifting because of a small muscle tear in my left shoulder.

I've gotten my weight down to 210 which has been a goal for years, about 38 lost pounds. I can probably lose a few more but my focus is on adding a little muscle strength and flexibility. If I ever get though my high priority writing goals, I've got it in the back of my mind that it would be fun to get back into senior softball and basketball.

For now I'm just happy to wake up feeling good and ready for a full day of activity, including running and lifting.


Joyce Sasser

Amen, indeed, Dan

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