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Monday, November 16, 2009


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scratch for scarce dollars in the barren fields of conventional wisdom

I love that sentence to death. May I use it?

Katherine Warman Kern

Thoughtful structures are definitely needed and informatics model is one.

Especially, if the model for publishing information is structured in a way to allow information to be "packaged" to meet different levels of demand. There will be demand for "pre-digested" information that can be consumed quickly and with little participation by the audience (pretty similar to what traditional media delivers today). The less familiar information "packages" will meet the demands of those who will pay to know everything about a topic and do more than consume. They want to contribute, they want to connect with others who care, they want to critique, they want to define themselves by their membership.

For example, what if sports talk radio had two channels - one for "members only" that is 24/7 call-in talk. The other channel is the short form summary of highlights for the "casual fan" who just wants to listen.

Katherine Warman Kern

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