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Wednesday, December 09, 2009


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Katherine Warman Kern

Dan, Completely agree. Tinkering is not going to change the game.

Ironically, I also questioned Jeff's business models for assuming advertising is a reliable source of revenue and consumer purchase conversions at 1% are even lower than the 3-5% actuals reported by CJR. And in the same comment, I referred him to people, including you who I think are thinking more aggressively about solving the problem. http://bit.ly/5fWnaE

The bottomline: noone is going to solve the problems of mass media with better mass media: http://bit.ly/905iZD

Katherine Warman Kern

Chuck Peters

Dan -

Thanks for the exposition. Even though I have been a fan, I had not seen some of these links.

C3 http://chuckpeters.iowa.com/2009/12/level-set/ has been updated to include them.

Keep the semi-structure coming!


Cody Brown


Nailed it.

This is why this discussion is important:

"I don't want to see the next two years wasted on ill-advised initiatives to "make newspapers more like Facebook" or to "exploit the profit potential in social media."


"But only a few will ever employ as many people as my neighborhood bar ..."

That's what they told James Gordon Bennett and Horace Greeley. I mean, really, how the fuck do you know? It's just one bold, unsupportable assertion. It really doesn't mean anything than your opinion.

"Entrepreneurs start businesses to sell them. Small-business people, like my mother and step-father, start businesses to run them."

Utter, complete bull crap. Entrepreneurs also start businesses to run them.


I'll list you in the "disagree" column.


Really, Dan, how the fuck DO you know? Step aside and let the big men talk. We girls learned to do that long ago.

It's worked out really well for us.

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