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Monday, February 08, 2010


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I have several pictures of a maid-rite loose meat sandwich I enjoyed during my trip to Iowa. It was decided that the publice not from the MW would not be ready for the image. My sister-in-law worked in a maid-rite shop in high school. Good stuff, no?


Beautiful. Sounds like the metropolis of Monroe, NC...

Joyce Sasser

They look SO weird and taste so good! They get shipped all over the world for folks who can't get back to Iowa to enjoy them. Maid rite is a word for the dictionary next time around. To ME Maid Rites and Pork Tenderloin sandwiches say IOWA to me....and I miss them!
Go, Dan!


So I've now been to the Maid-Rite West in Cedar Rapids, and when you order a sandwich they give it to you. Like right away.

Apparently they're heathens, at least according to the Maid-Rite in Marion, where they simply do not rush about, willy-nilly 21st-century style, but instead take the time to enjoy the finer things, such as loose-meat sandwiches made so fresh that they don't kill and butcher the cow until AFTER you sit down and order.

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