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Friday, August 05, 2011


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I think there is a strong link between making smaller claims of credibility; and transparency in the qualifications, experiences, and biases of the journalist for building trust.

I will also add that when Dan's writing blatantly contradicted his "manifesto", he destroyed the trust and credibility of Xark.


Yes, as you keep saying. But apparently your reading comprehension is highly selective.


1. Everyone believes that their perspective is more valid than those of others. This is practically universal. However, not all perspectives are equal on all subjects, and they should not be treated as if they are. Even the best auto mechanic is a lousy oncologist.

2. How do you tell the difference? By deciding. Xarkers create themselves by making decisions in response to every question that interests them.

3. On this blog, subjective decisions about whether certain perspectives should be considered seriously or left behind are made by the proprietors. Those who disagree with the decisions of the proprietors are free to go be smug, belligerent jerks on a dazzling array of high-quality blogs and websites located elsewhere.

4. Spirited dissent is welcome here; trollish intransigence is not.

This used to be a small group blog that had a small following. The way you treated conversations on this blog caused the other participants and members to write me emails with questions like "Who is this guy?" and "What's his problem?" and "Why do you put up with this bullshit?"

Eventually you got so rude in comments that I banned you, so you went elsewhere and wrote about what a jerk I was, what a hypocrite I was. It's a big Internet. Have at it.

But those are the rules. Clearly stated in the founding document.

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