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October 07, 2008


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Marsha Guerard

You can hire me! I'll gladly ignore the mess in my house to deal with the mess in yours ... wait a minute. That sounds like our employer ...


I'm with you, my life changed with a laptop and wireless network. I stopped reading, cooking and cleaning. Click, click, click.....

Love your new home, xarkGirl!


oh boy, I knew I was gonna love this little garden in infosphere..

Yay! to screwing housework! I hate it. I hate it is still used a a yardstick of people (women's) worthiness.

Mops brooms (even Swiffers..though I don't have one.. ) might as well come with whips attached..

I specifically hate that when my parents (infrequently, thank Jesus) come by, they feel they can COMMENT on the state of my house! I am 4#@$#@$# years old, for chrissakes. I have an older brother who could compete with that hoarder that Oprah famously took months to help and never a word is said to him..

Wow. You have really touched a nerve with me, and I just got started reading.


No kidding. I still remember with ridiculous clarity the moment I told my mom, who was taking me to tasl for the state of my linen closet. I told her my standards were different from hers and we could argue about it every time she came to visit or we could skip it.

It was horrible, I made her tear up, because she was only trying to help. But it was an important moment in which I was able to let go of my resentment and move to a better place with her.

She might be the best housekeeper ever. Tough shoes to fill.


It's pretty easy to discern my state of mind / activity level based on the house. I grew up in household where my mother suffered (unknowingly) from depression and my father is a hoarder. I don't function well in a messy / disordered state, it reminds me too much of how I grew up. So if you come over and nothing is done, it's probably time to say, "Heather, let's go have a beer and talk."

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