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October 07, 2008


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Hey Janet-

Congrats on the new spot. I predict great success.

I couldn't agree with you more on this. Well put.

Just wanted to comment a little here on media as regards this situation we find ourselves in.

I am happy that this year for the first (I think, no one I've talked to remembers quite the same pushback) the media has been instantly correcting what's out there.

When John Kerry got swiftboated, when Bush committed his travesty against McCain in SC, there was no media so quickly crying foul. You didn't see it fought and repudiated immediately as has happened this year. These wars were mostly fought in the papers as I recall. The 24-hour news cycle was not so dominant. I know for sure I have never spent so much time bouncing from CNN to MSNBC and even, yes to Faux News. is being used as a tool as never before, and now we have just as a check against check. These are invaluable tools for voters trying to find their way through the spin and yeah, I'll say it, LIES.

I think that's what forced John McCain immediately correct that woman who said Obama was an Arab (Is there anyone else who was shocked at the ignorance?) And yes, this behavior and the holding of these ideas is long past overdue as being anything useful in this society.

But the woman commenting at that rally was so confused, you could see even she was having trouble keeping clear just what all those hate-mongerers on her talk radio were saying..

And poor McCain, you could just see the tubes in his head lighting up with the idea of him seeing himself looping on CNN letting that comment pass.. And by the way, what kind of pod patch is he getting these young robots that keep showing up on all the networks as his spokespeople?

This is what's keeping Barack from being discussed as a Muslim, non-native, terrorist-consorter in any but the most ignorant and prejudiced circles. Oh, and yeah, in the McCain campaign..

I think this is what's so right about what the media has become and another reason why newspapers are failing.

Ok, maybe not so short a comment. I'll try to be more succinct next time..

Congrats again, and as Keith O says, good luck.

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