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October 10, 2008


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And while we are at it, let's also hold Palin accountable for what she has *not* said, or done, or thought, or at least *learned* even in the last few weeks, because truly there are some essentials that it is necessary for a VP candidate to know.


I think Sarah Palin is a lot worse that just a spoiled cheerleader who can't remember her lines. I think she's not a pitbull with lipstick but Dick Cheney with lipstick, a wink and a gotcha, with a large dose of the lack of curiosity of Bush.

She scares the hell out of me.

When you get into some of the media that comes out of Alaska from people who worked with her during both her mayorship and her short years as governor, you begin to see that this woman played fast and loose with not just people's pocketbooks but their will as a people.

She used her office as a bully pulpit for her own, and her family's wants.

Now she's been found to have abused her power as governor.

Everyone is right to question someone who can't or won't answer about what she reads or what Supreme Court decision she disagrees with. But what they need to bear in mind what she has learned- how to bend the rules, get her way and to hell with anything else.

If you're not scared yet, imagine this scenario...

Because of his PTSD (despite Cindy McCain's complete and utter ignorance of it's reality..) or because of Alzheimer's, McCain is unable to perform his duties.

Sarah Palin sees the vacuum and with her uncanny ability to sense vulnerability, uses his office to further her desires. Bear in mind what she would like to change about the freedoms we have.

Remember, this is a woman(?!) who doesn't believe in equal pay for equal work, etc., the list goes on. Imagine her having the power over McCain that Cheney and Rove have had over Bush.

Are you scared yet?

The worst thing we can have in this country is a leader who lacks curiosity. About everything but how much they can get away with.


well-said: The worst thing we can have in this country is a leader who lacks curiosity.

UPDATE: The Branchflower report says Palin abused her powers in an effort to have her ex-brother-in-law fired. I don't know which is worse, that she did it, or that she let her husband do it.


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